Stop Bullying Yourself

We’re not in middle school anymore.

3 min readApr 28, 2021
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Fat. Dumb. Lazy. Weird. Lame.

Do any of these names ring a bell?

If so, they shouldn’t. If someone else is calling you these names, I’d suggest you give that person a piece of your mind. However, what if you’re the one calling yourself these names?

Well, I’d suggest you give yourself a piece of your mind as well. No, seriously. Do it.

You see, when you start calling yourself such demeaning names and treating yourself with disrespect, you have to realize at some point that’s not really you. Many psychologists actually suggest that these voices are remnants of our childhood — typically parents or maybe even your middle school bully.

So, going off of this belief, why do you listen to those voices? Why do any of us ever really listen to these voices?

This is highly due to the fear and discipline instilled into us, usually by the figures mentioned before, since childhood. We’re taught to listen, speak when spoken to, go where we’re told to go, act how we’re ‘supposed’ to act, etc.

While these things may have been necessary back then, they most certainly aren’t now. If anything they only hinder us from our highest potential.

You’re not dumb because you made a mistake, and you’re not lame because you’d rather get a good night’s sleep instead of going out partying. Just as getting the rest you need to feel refreshed doesn’t make you lazy, and acting a little goofy every now and then doesn’t make you weird. And finally, no you’re not fat just because you’re not the ‘right’ weight or shape.

Don’t get me wrong though. If any of these things are done excessively, it can still be a problem. If your weight poses a health issue, or you find yourself sleeping all day every day then you may need to seek help.

Other than that, if someone calls you something along these lines while you’re just doing what you feel is best for you — they’re an asshole.

Don’t listen to them. That includes the mean voice in your head too.

Again, that voice is not you.

Instead, try learning to channel your true inner voice. The one that’s meant to support you, give you confidence in yourself, and get you somewhere good in life.

For instance, if you slept in a little late, be grateful you had the chance to get more rest. If you still want to beat yourself up about it, then fix your sleep schedule.

Or maybe be proud of yourself if you decide to stay in and focus on something more productive/beneficial rather than going out partying and getting wasted. Why put yourself through the unnecessary head pain after you’ve already avoided the hangover?

Possibly remind yourself that you are beautiful and have your good qualities no matter your size or build. If you still can’t seem to get over it, exercise. This naturally helps with mental health and confidence as well.

I could go on, but you get the point. Life is so short and only what you make of it in the end. So why spend that life sulking and replaying every bad moment in our heads? Shouldn’t we instead replay every good moment, basking in the blessings of this life and the opportunities it brings?

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Think about this. I’m going to go think about it more as well. Truly ponder on it, and allow it to begin transforming your life just as I am finally letting it transform mine.

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